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We also run training for people of all levels of experience. We know your team is busy so we are always happy to train at your offices.

We are always happy to build a bespoke programme around your needs, although typically we find that our training tends to fall within three areas;

Post audit workshops

We can provide your search team with a post audit workshop to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge in order to make the recommended changes as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

Adwords for client managers

Equipping an in-house search team with the skills and knowledge that they need to be able to run their own paid search campaign.

Analytics for marketers

Enabling in-house marketing teams to access Google Analytics data, extract the relevant reports, analyse them and make better decisions for search marketing and beyond.

If you have a training need that you would like to discuss, please drop us a line.

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We now have even more tools at our disposal to not only report on our work but also manage those properties operationally and optimize them. We were certainly very excited at the end

Claudia Rosani-Allen, Programme Comms Manager PPC, The open University

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