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Mark Beale, Commercial Director Neilson, said "We have seen a dramatic improvement in our paid search performance since we have been working with Unscrambled, they have identified the key issues and delivered.

Working with Unscrambled has taken the headache out of our paid search campaign, they understand what our business needs [from paid search] and have worked with our agency to ensure that our campaign delivers”

Fivefold increase in online market share

Neilson Active Holidays, A Thomas Cook Group company, specialise in ski, yachting & beachclub holidays. Neilson had been working with their paid search agency for a number of years and in that time had enjoyed strong results from the channel. However, due to a number of recent agency personnel changes, they felt that they were no longer getting the same service and achieving the sales performance that they needed.

Unscrambled were asked to work with Neilson and their paid search agency to get the campaign back on track and quickly, as the all important ski season was approaching.

Unscrambled set to work to identify exactly which elements of the paid search campaign were under-performing and what actions were needed to make the required improvements.

Five fold increase in online market share

Unscrambled then worked with Neilson’s paid search agency to ensure that the necessary changes were implement, closely monitoring the change in performance and making further fine tuning the campaign as required.

The result was immediate, with Neilson seeing their market share increase five fold and their click costs falling by 7%, month on month. This was accompanied by the all-important improved sales performance.

Unscrambled continued to work closely with Neilson’ and their agency throughout the critical peak ski season, providing the expert insight and hands on delivery to keep the campaign performing to it’s potential.

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