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The London School of Economics and Political Science has a number of halls of residence, letting out rooms to the public outside of term time, using their website LSE Vacations. Over the past five years sales and revenue had consistently grown for LSE Vacations, however with challenging targets for Summer 2012, LSE Vacations found that their paid search campaign wasn’t contributing enough sales or revenue. The LSE asked Unscrambled to audit their paid search campaign to fully understand why it wasn’t working hard enough and what actions could be taken to improve its revenue contribution.

Ian Spencer , Director of Residential Services, London School of Economics and Political Science “Unscrambled worked quickly to find out what was working well for us and what wasn’t. They helped us to understand how well the different elements of our campaign were working and delivered a detailed plan of action to deliver an uplift in revenue during our Summer campaign. Unscrambled supported our internal team, helping them to make the changes that were required, they worked closely with our paid search agency to turn around the campaign performance. We were pleased with how smoothly the project went and how quickly they were able to deliver the uplift in our revenue from paid search that we needed.”

500% Increase in revenue

Our first step was to sit down with the marketing team in LSE Vacations to make sure that we fully understood the back- ground and context to the paid search marketing programme. We also met with and interviewed the LSE’s paid search agency to ensure that we fully understood combined working practices, processes and approach. We then examined over 300 individual campaign elements including quality score, impression share, budget management and optimisation process.

Audit recommendations implemented

Our audit found that the main driver of paid search revenue came from customers already searching for LSE Vacation branded keywords and that non-brand keywords needed significant development in order to drive genuine new customer acquisition. The campaign was narrow in focus, which meant that when spend had been planned to increase, the campaign was not able to deliver it and the subsequent revenue that was required. The campaign lacked a number of KPI’s making performance evaluation difficult and giving the agency few metrics from which to optimise performance. We presented the audit findings to Ian and his team, including a clear and detailed set of recommendations on how to improve new business revenue.

Further to the audit, the LSE asked Unscrambled to help them with the implementation of the audit recommendations, including producing a new brief for the agency to work to and overseeing the redevelopment of the paid search campaign. Once the audit recommendations were implemented the results were significant. Overall revenue from paid search increased by 83% and revenue from new customer acquisition, from non-brand keyword increased in excess of 500%. This was coupled with media costs for branded keyword falling by two thirds, while maintaining the same the volume of clicks and revenue.

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