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The Adventure Company, a PEAK Adventure Travel Group Company, sell unique family and adventure holidays across the world. Paid search is a critical sales driver for the business, but the campaign’s performance had been flat in recent months and the structure had become cumbersome and inconsistent, and therefore difficult to manage.

James Ingham, Marketing Manager, asked Unscrambled to undertake a performance audit of their paid search account, with the objective of pin pointing the exact performance of each element and what actions could be undertaken to improve performances and increase sales.

Before we looked at the paid search account, we wanted to understand the company’s vision and objectives. We spent time with James and his team to ensure that we fully understood the unique product that the business offers, the audience that it targets and how they have previously used paid search to meet their business and marketing objectives. Unscrambled then examined the detail of the campaign, evaluating over 400 individual elements including account structure, keywords, creative, match type, quality score, ad position, budget management, bid pricing, impression share and negatives. We scored the campaign using our bespoke algorithm, giving an overall performance score and undertook opportunity and benefit analysis to quantify the benefits and savings that could be unlocked from the campaign.

Our audit found that the current campaign was overly complicated, making both campaign management and development overly time consuming and complicated. Some critical campaign elements, such as quality score, performed well, however the advantages that these brought to the campaign were unable to be realised due to its physical size and complexity. We were able to identify a number of areas of campaign wastage, saving 15% of budget and also how, through enhanced campaign process and management, a 64% growth in campaign conversions could be achieved.

64% conversion growth

James Ingham (Marketing Manager, The Adventure Company) said: We recently appointed Unscrambled to undertake an audit of our current paid search campaign. The insight and depth of information that they presented to us was beyond what we had seen before. It has helped us draw a line in the sand, assess where we are and develop a multifaceted PPC strategy. It was a definitely a worthwhile exercise.

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